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Raj Persaud in conversation - the podcasts

Nov 29, 2022

You can also listen to this interview on a free app on iTunes and Google Play Store entitled 'Raj Persaud in conversation', which includes a lot of free information on the latest research findings in psychology, psychiatry, neuroscience and mental health, plus interviews with top experts from around the world. Download it free from these links. Don't forget to check out the bonus content button on the app.

Peter Cook helps you navigate uncertain business futures for a better world. He fuses three passions: Business, Science and Music, in 18-year-long overlapping cycles:

  • 18 years experience leading science innovation teams to bring life-saving pharmaceuticals to the world, from human Insulin to the first breakthrough Herpes and HIV / AIDS treatments. Many years as an industrial troubleshooter, from Europe to USA, India and the Far East. 
  • 18 years teaching and writing MBA programmes with 3.5 degrees across multiple fields. 
  • 18 ++ years experience as a thought leader, speaker and author, working globally. His books are acclaimed by Tom Peters, Professors Charles Handy, Adrian Furnham and Harvey Goldsmith, the man behind Live Aid. Peter won a prize from Sir Richard Branson for leadership, gaining an exclusive interview with Richard for his 8th book. 
  • 18 till I die - Composing and producing music: Working with Ozzy Osbourne's guitarist, Meatloaf's singing partner and members of Prince's musical circle.