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Raj Persaud in conversation - the podcasts

Nov 29, 2022

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Roxana is a Business Psychologist with 10 years of experience working in fast-paced organisations.

She is passionate about the human dynamics of successful people, especially those with ADHD. She has been strengthening and coaching teams for many years before specialising in ADHD Business Coaching.

Her speciality is helping her clients find their WHY and operate from a place of strength.

Roxana’s coaching method is built upon a belief that once we become able to see clearly where our power lies, we hit our targets with ridiculous ease and the brain which didn’t quite fit before becomes our greatest asset.

Roxana is committed to always learning is currently doing her ADHD Advanced Coaching Certification at the only accredited institution is the world: ADDCA in New York.

Fun fact:
As a freelancer after her MSc, she worked with Body Talk to produce the biggest Body Language study in the world