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Raj Persaud in conversation - the podcasts

Sep 5, 2023

Psychiatrist Dr Raj Persaud talks in-depth to Dr Dewi Evans - one of the key prosecution expert witnesses about the Lucy Letby case

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How Dr. Dewi Evans helped secure justice in nurse Letby’s chilling baby murders

LUCY Letby’s conviction for multiple counts of murder and attempted murder at the Countess of Chester Hospital is intertwined with the meticulous work of Dr. Dewi Evans, a retired consultant paediatrician from Carmarthen. Dr. Evans, a seasoned medical legal expert with over three decades of experience, emerged as a key figure in unraveling the complex web of deliberate harm inflicted upon innocent infants.

In an exclusive interview with TalkTV, Dr. Evans delved into the intricacies of his involvement in the case, revealing the depths of his horror at the heinous events that unfolded. He described the events as a tragedy of unparalleled proportions, possibly ranking as the most shocking occurrence within an NHS hospital in the past 75 years.

Cheshire Police turned to Dr. Evans for his expertise in dissecting the medical evidence and shedding light on the nefarious activities behind the deaths. His journey began with an exhaustive review of clinical records, meticulously analysing over 30 cases of babies who perished or suffered collapses between January 2015 and July 2016. Dr. Evans’ ability to discern hidden patterns within the chaotic medical records would prove to be a critical turning point.

Among the cases, he identified 15 instances that defied conventional explanations. These babies displayed telltale signs of harm, ranging from symptoms of air embolism—suggesting the injection of air into their circulatory systems—to signs of milk or milk-and-air injections directly into their stomachs, leading to life-threatening breathing difficulties.

However, the true revelation came with the discovery of insulin poisoning in two sets of twins. Dr. Evans stumbled upon abnormally elevated insulin levels in these babies, indicative of an intentional injection of insulin. This discovery, initially unforeseen even by the astute doctor, added a sinister layer to the unfolding narrative.

Dr. Evans also highlighted the crucial role of analyzing duty rosters. His meticulous examination revealed a chilling connection—Lucy Letby was consistently on duty during each of the tragic incidents. This realisation provided a pivotal break in the case, further cementing the suspicion against Letby.

Yet, the journey wasn’t without its challenges. During the trial, Letby’s defence team sought to discredit Dr. Evans’ objectivity and impartiality, accusing him of bias. However, Mr. Justice Goss, the presiding judge, steadfastly refused to exclude Dr. Evans’ evidence, emphasising the need for the jury to assess his credibility in light of the broader evidence presented.

The case also spotlighted the systemic shortcomings and managerial failures within the NHS. Dr. Evans lamented the lack of responsiveness from NHS managers and pointed to a culture of cover-ups when things went awry. The case prompted a broader conversation about transparency, accountability, and safeguarding within healthcare institutions.

Ultimately, Dr. Dewi Evans’ meticulous analysis and unwavering dedication became instrumental in securing justice for the innocent victims and their families. The case serves as a chilling reminder of the importance of persistent investigation, expert analysis, and the pursuit of truth in even the most chilling of circumstances.