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Young Shrinks Speak Out. Headstarters Part 2 Young Psychiatrists Speak Out

Despite playing the role of grumpy old man and attempting to discourage them from entering the field - do these young enthusiastic psychiatrists take the bait and run? Or do they argue with Raj that psychiatry has a lot going for it as a career choice for a young doctor?

If your son goes psychotic? What do you do if your son develops psychosis?

Raj Persaud talks to a man whose son developed a severe psychotic illness.

Nick describes an all too familiar battle that carers have of getting NHS psychiatry services to take the concerns of carers and relatives seriously. As a result of being ignored when they tried to inform services, the son became seriously unwell and a series of tragic events unfolded. Nick talks frankly and openly about his experiences and speaks for many carers and relatives in his account of what they have to endure.